The Most Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

"She can't stop smiling!"

That's the most common comment we hear from Kremer Dental Care patients' friends and family after we enhance their smile. That is happiness. One of the most rewarding parts of my career is to see a person 'light up' inside after helping achieve a new beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry and the advancement in modern dentistry have afforded us all this opportunity.

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry goes beyond making your front teeth white. It is an art form. The dentist is the artist using the most modern dental materials to create a beautiful smile that is in harmony with the person wearing it for all to see. The teeth and smile are the canvas, the face and lips the frame. Natural aesthetic dentistry can release a dormant beauty from deep within.

It brings great pleasure when a husband tells me, "I have never seen her smile so much."

When a patient says, "It is amazing. I am laughing so much more. I absolutely love my new smile!"

When a man shaves his beard and mustache for the first time in 20 years after making his smile attractive.

Cosmetic Dental Services


There are so many options available today because of the advancements of cosmetic dentistry. It is easier than ever to change your smile for the better. It is also quicker than ever to get a beautiful smile. Though taking the time to plan the perfect result is important, the actual treatment time can be very short, often one or two visits, and quite comfortable.

Get your new smile today... pay later!

No dental insurance?... No problem!
Kremer Dental Care offers 2 easy solutions through VIP Health.

VIP Health is a premier provider of deferred payment plans and membership plans for healthcare costs. VIP Health has a plan to fit almost every budget, including 3 month no-interest plans, 6 month low-interest plans and 12 to 60 month extended-payment plans. VIP Health also offers yearly membership plans to keep your dental health costs down.

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