What Chico People Are Saying

"I no longer hesitate to show my teeth when I laugh or smile"

"I love my new smile! I no longer hesitate to show my teeth when I laugh or smile. Dr Kremer and his staff were professional and attentive, making sure I was satisfied with the appearance, feel, and function of my teeth."

"My confidence level is off the charts!"

"Looking back on my teeth before veneers... WOW! Major, major difference!

In the process between the temporary and the porcelains, there were quite a few visits to the dentist office to make sure the real things were going to fit just right and feel natural. In the mean time, when my teeth weren't feeling accurate, Dr. Kremer and the team didn't waste any time fitting me into their schedule to figure out exactly what the problem was.

There was even a day where the dentist office was closed, and Dr. Kremer still met with me so he could fix one of my bite-adjustment dilemmas.

My teeth feel so good, nothing hurts, and my bite is now perfected, besides, my confidence level is off the charts!"

"I couldn't be happier with the service I received..."

"For years I had disliked my smile because I went to a dentist who did more harm than good.

After going to Dr. Kremer I have a wonderful smile and receive compliments on how beautiful my teeth are.

Dr. Kremer's staff is caring and compassionate and explains procedures that will be done and how long it will take. I couldn't be happier with the service I received.

Dr. Kremer advertises as a dentist but he really a magician! Thanks, Dr. Kremer, for restoring something I thought I would never see again.....a beautiful smile."

"I love my new smile!"

"I have had lifelong dental problems that have made me apprehensive and actually fearful to see a dentist.

From the moment I walked into his office door I felt as if I was the staff's number one priority. Their friendly welcome put me immediately at ease.

Not only did Dr. Kremer phone me the day after surgery to make sure I was healing properly, his assistant gave me her home number to call if I had questions or concerns.

Dr. Kremer's office is beautiful and the dental equipment is state-of-the-art. I am glad I chose a dentist who is so knowledgeable and a leader in the dental field. Thanks Dr. Kremer, I love my new smile."

"You made it comfortable."

"Dr Kremer,

I want to thank you for treating me with such courtesy and compassion. I hadn't seen a dentist for some time, primarily out of fear but also a concern about being scolded or reprimanded. It is hard enough to overcome this dentist phobia without feeling the disapproval of the people you're most afraid of.

You and your staff made me feel safe, welcome and well cared for. I felt that all of you were happy for me when my teeth were finally all repaired. Best of all you made it comfortable. I really liked the music videos during long visits."

"I came to Dr. Kremer and my life couldn't be better."

"I was always made fun of when I was younger and I always hated my teeth. I hated them so much I never showed them at all. It always killed me when I would talk to people and I could tell they were looking at my teeth, or they would bring them up and and ask me why I didn't brush my teeth.

So, after I got my braces off I came to Dr. Kremer and my life couldn't be better. With the help of his friendly staff, Dr. Kremer kept me updated on everything. I had a great experience and I wouldn't have changed anything."

"Cutting edge dentistry..."

"The cutting edge dentistry is where Dr. Kremer's knowledge and skill are. I've had a great deal of corrective dental work done over many years, but that's just what it was-one tooth at a time. Dr. Kremer took a look at the whole picture and explained in understandable terms what needed to be done to protect my dental health long-term, not just treating the immediate problem.

The confidence I felt in the expertise of he and his extremely capable staff encouraged me to proceed with the re-structuring of my upper teeth. The years of grinding had taken a toll on my old crowns. As a result of repositioning my bite, I no longer grind my teeth.

I'm grateful for his ability to have me understand the long-term value of this type of treatment as a part of my overall good health.

I highly recommend Dr. Kremer and his capable staff to anyone who wants more than just a quick fix."

“I never realized how much confidence beautiful teeth could give me.”

"When I decided to improve the look of my teeth, I decided to get braces. While I was happy with my decision to go through this process in my late forties, I was not happy wit the look of my teeth when the braces were removed. My teeth were really starting to show their age. After consulting with Dr. Kremer, I decided that porcelain veneers could be the solution I was looking for.

Dr. Kremer and his staff were really great during this process. Every step of the procedure was explained and my comfort and well being were never compromised.

The end result is better than I could have imagined. I now love to smile! I never realized how much confidence beautiful teeth could give me.

Thanks to everyone at Kremer Dental Care for a wonderful experience and fantastic results."

“I no longer have TMJ, my teeth are straight, natural looking, and I smile a whole lot more...”

"After three years of teeth straightening and alignment, my teeth were still breaking off and sharp all the time. My orthodontist referred me to Dr. Kevin Kremer. Dr. Kremer and his great staff explained all the options not only to me, but also to my wife Shelley. We decided on a complete set of veneers to restore my bite and jaw alignment to a healthy comfortable position. I no longer have TMJ, my teeth are straight, natural looking, and I smile a whole lot more. Until now everyone thought I just got my braces off; that's how natural my teeth look.

Thank you Dr. Kremer and team for making my life more enjoyable and much less painful. My wife thanks you for my great smile, and yes she is pleased."

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