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Open to serve our local Chico community

Kremer Dental Care Offices Reopen To Serve Our Community

Dear Kremer Dental Care Family, As an essential medical service, we are excited to announce we will be resuming most dental services starting Monday, May 4th. With the addition of air filtration, proper PPE guidelines, and disinfection, we are following guidelines set by the California Dental Association to ensure the safety of our team and

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Teeth whitening products

3 Home Teeth Whitening Products to Use

Acidic food can stain your teeth. Furthermore, tooth decay and plaque can also discolor them and make them look yellow. The good news, though, is that you can easily treat this through various whitening and cleaning remedies that can help you get shiny teeth in no time. Here are some different home teeth whitening products

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A girl Smiling with Invisalign

Kremer Dental Care’s Invisalign Special Offer

Turn That Frown Upside-Down with Our Invisalign Special Offer They say, “A smile is worth a thousand words,” and nobody understands this better than Kremer Dental Care! This is why we are proud to announce our “Invisalign Special” treatment offer, which will give you a beautiful smile. Running now till March 13th, 2020, this offer

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Happy New Year and Thank You From Kremer Dental Care

Thank You From Kremer Dental Care. 2019 was a big year for us at Kremer Dental Care because it marked the 20th year that Dr. Kevin Kremer has been a local Chico dentist. To celebrate our 20th year serving Chico, we ran a special throughout most of the year, which was received with great success.

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How to improve your smile in 2020

4 Ways to Improve Your Smile in 2020

Smiling is good for you and the people around you. A genuine smile can lift your spirits and put you in a good mood in no time. If you’re still making a resolution list for the year 2020, here’s another one— smile more! If you’re conscious about your smile, read this article to learn all

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Radiation Concerns from Dental X-rays - Dr. Kevin Kremer

Radiation Concerns from Dental X-rays

Many people, especially pregnant women, are concerned about the radiation affects from dental x-rays. Debbie Cobb of Health Watch interviewed Dr. Kremer to discus this exact topic. Below is the video interview and transcription, or you can watch it on YouTube. Radiation Concerns from Dental X-rays     Debbie Cobb:    00:04 X-rays can help

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Concerns About Jawbone Loss and Deterioration - Health Watch interview with Dr. Kevin Kremer

Concerns for Jawbone Loss and Deterioration

Recently Dr. Kremer was interview by Debbie Cobb regarding the concerns about jawbone loss and deterioration. Bone loss in the mouth is quite common, but it can be prevented. Below is the video interview and transcription, or you can view it on YouTube. Concerns for Jawbone Loss and Deterioration   Debbie Cobb:    00:05                       We don’t

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Dentist Preparing to Treat Tooth

5 Things to Avoid After a Cavity Filling

Getting a cavity filled by your dentist? We have a list of things to avoid after a cavity filling. A cavity filling is a simple dental procedure to restore the function and form of a decayed or damaged tooth. You might feel tooth sensitivity and soreness after the procedure, which is quite common. But, proper

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Correct way to brush your teeth

The Correct Way to Brush Your Teeth

We all know that teeth should be brushed twice a day, but most of us do not know the correct way to brush. This includes the length of time for brushing or how to hold, move and brush the teeth in a dentist-prescribed manner. Brushing teeth removes plaque from our teeth, but it also does

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