One of the first things that you notice when you meet someone is their smile. Your smile is extremely important. A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful and can help you feel better about yourself.

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Your lifestyle and the aging process can stain and darken your teeth. Many of our daily habits can contribute to stained or darker teeth including drinking coffee, tea, soda, or red wine, eating berries or smoking. Tetracycline staining is another tooth darkening culprit.

Tooth Whitening is the least invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure available. It is also the most reasonably priced.

Your natural tooth color may be discolored by a number of activities. Tobacco, food and drinks (especially red wine, coffee, or tea) can stain the surface of your teeth. Over time, tartar deposits may accumulate as well. Age, injury, excessive fluoride, and certain illnesses may cause internal discoloring of your teeth.

Tooth Whitening is a simple procedure in which a peroxide-type gel is applied to your teeth. The peroxide then penetrates beneath your tooth’s enamel and whitens your tooth itself.

There are two tooth whitening procedures available. Your procedure may be completed in our office or you may use an at-home teeth whitening system for your convenience.

The in-office treatment is simple, safe, and effective. It begins with a brief preparation to cover your lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed. The whitening gel is then applied to the surfaces of the teeth to be whitened and then the teeth are exposed to the blue Zoom! light. The light and the gel work together to break down the built-up stains and discolorations during three 15-minute sessions. During this time you can relax and watch one of over 350 movies which are available in our office for your viewing pleasure. In only a one-hour office visit, you can rehabilitate your smile up to nine shades lighter than when you walked in!

The home-use system involves a custom-fitted bleaching tray-which fits like a mouth guard- and pairing it with the proper bleaching agent. You then place the gel in your bleaching tray and wear it for up to two hours daily for two weeks. The amount of time your wear the mouth guard may vary according to Dr. Kremer’s recommendations.

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