Tooth Cleaning

The team of hygienists at Kremer Dental Care is highly trained, gentle and thorough. Your teeth will feel better, look brighter and last longer.

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Besides brushing and flossing regularly at home, regular professional tooth cleaning is the most important thing you can do for the lifelong health of your mouth. When a dental hygienist cleans your teeth they remove soft and hard deposits from your teeth that cause cavities. The main reason for having your teeth cleaned is to prevent or delay the progression of gum diseases.

How often you should see a dental hygienist for cleaning depends on the health of your teeth and gums, for example healthy children and adults should have their teeth cleaned once or twice a year. If you're a smoker or have a tendency to get gum infections you should visit your dentist more often. These determinations will be made part of the personalized overall dental health plan that you and Dr. Kremer will craft together.