Our care and concern at Kremer Dental Care begins before you arrive at our door.

makeover dentistry, tmj dental, teeth cleaning, affordable dental implants, tooth colored filling, Zoom dentist, dental whitening, dental cleaning, affordable root canals, chipped tooth We believe you should never dread a visit to the dentist. The beautiful furnishings are more in keeping with the atmosphere of a luxury hotel than a clinic. You’re greeted warmly and promptly by our dental concierge who will offer you your beverage of choice, from herbal elixirs and teas, to cappuccinos, lattes or fresh juices.

As you enjoy your beverage the concierge will attend to any questions you have about your visit and make certain you have all the amenities you’d like from our range of comfort options.

Whether you are coming in for a restorative procedure, cavity fillings or simply a routine cleaning we will make certain you know exactly what to expect and educate you on the particulars of your upcoming procedure.

During treatment we offer many amenities to ensure your comfort. Kremer Dental Care has a library of over 350 DVD movies which can be viewed while you’re in treatment. We also offer paraffin wax hand treatment.